Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, FSX

The Victoria Falls Map are one of the worlds largest waterfalls, situated on the Zambezi River on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The waterfalls are animated and with sound in FSX, while they are unpresent in FS2004.

Start at Victorial Falls Airport (FVFA) in Zimbabwe. After takeoff fly heading 010° for 10 nm and locate the falls visually. Now cross the border to Zambia and fly heading 350° for 7 nm and land at Livingstone Airport (FLLI). This airport has been named after David Livingstone who was the first European to discover Victoria Falls.

Visit the Niagara Falls in USA/Canada for another waterfall.


You can download vicfalls at avsim for fs2004 didn't you have a link here on the site? Pitty if you deleted fs9 info.
I've got the Holga Sandman/Aeroworx scenery installed: excellent. There's a scenery for FVFA on Avsim too, from memory
much better than Niagara
yeah it is

you re right dude much better
err... Vic falls are the worlds Largest falls. Angel falls in South America are the highest.
largest or highest, read again monkey...
highest! (monkey).
it looks great!
I flew a boatplane over the edge. It was intense...
avsim is gone...
FSX: it looks great from far but looks bad when you r close!
just columns of aniamted water not connected to the maul waterfall garphics.
well i suggest don't get close...
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