Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World, FSX

Walt Disney World, Florida, is the world's largest theme park. See a map of the park areas.

Takeoff from the small Epcot Center (44FD) and fly north to the Spaceship Earth (looks like a big golf ball). Continue north to the Cinderella Castle (right picture).

Apparently some may have been inspired by the theme park when naming the local arrival routes: Goofy Five and Minee Three.

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You may also want to visit other amusement parks.


pretty cool
ya, this is cool, especially if you drive there

hard to take off from that airport in small plane
this is funny if u crash in castle
i crashed into the spaceship earth in a ultralight
Anybody know why the rest of Walt Disney World isn't there, like the Disney MGM Studios Hat, The Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom, The Tower of Terror, Big Thunder Mountain. The only actual attractions it includes are the Spaceship Earth Ride, inside the 'Golf Ball', and Space Mountain. (The round building with a cone shaped roof next to the castle). It also only includes one of the 3 major hotels, the Contemporary Resort.(The Building near the Castle, looks like a big cuboid on it's side with slanted sides
i went to disney world
i went 2 disney world it was cool

actually there is a tower of terror, and it is not too far from the castle

help me!!! i went past the big golf ball thingi(lol) and i dont know where the compass is!, csomeone help me!!!
There is a Walt disney world at AVSIM

Search the file download for Walt disney world


steve rathbone
tower of terror is in hollywood studios. i havnt "flown" there yet put im going to check and see if theres mikey's hat. in animal kingdom there should be a huge tree.
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Living in Orlando and flying around the FS2004 scenery, I was pretty impressed with how nicely it was represented (as far as default scenery that is not in a "major" city like Chicago goes). I do wish they included DWS (the STOLport, which is still in tact). Thankfully, we have AFCAD to do that. :)

A shame it seems like they forgot the rest of Orlando's tourist district. From what I see, there not even a sign of International drive! Or even anything that resembles sea world. :(
they included a cheap presentation of the orlando world center marriott resort, I stayed there this past summer, you can look from one side and see epcot in front, and a little to the right there is the magic kingdom. Yet international drive is empty (at least what it should be)
cool is sooo cool im rp
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flight simulator x is a game unless you get flight simulator x real pilot training which is reak
the hanger, florida 002, in megascenery
I wish that the scenery was more detailed. Does anyone know where I can get a detailed scenry for this area?
i got fsx but my computer is not that good so it has some lag im playing fs2004
I like 767s and spits.
You can also fly over Disneyland in Anaheim CA.
Now listen here people. This is just getting downright silly. If you all can't smarten up, you'll all be off back to flight school for a vigorous thrashing.
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