Guide to aircraft carriers

Guide to aircraft carriers, FSX

This is a FSX only page. See the old guide for FS2004.

Even not a combat simulator, it is still possible to simulate aircraft carrier operations in Flight Simulator X. To obtain the most realistic simulation you must have:

  1. aircraft carriers in the scenery,
  2. support for catapult and arrestor cables, and
  3. carrier capable aircrafts (tailhook, folding wings, etc.)
Microsoft - Acceleration Expansion Pack for FSX

Acceleration Expansion Pack

The Acceleration Expansion Pack is a Microsoft add-on for FSX that adds aircrafts and carriers. It includes the F/A-18A Hornet - a modern carrier capable aircraft. The carriers are moving and have catapult, arrester cables and Fresnel lenses. In missions you will learn how to do carrier operations.

See where to find the carriers in the default FS scenery.

Abacus Flight Deck 5

Flight Deck 5

Flight Deck 5 by Abacus contains a Ford-class carrier (next generation of US aircraft carriers preceded by the Nimitz-class), 7 carrier capable aircrafts, launch and recovery systems (3wireX), missions, missles, and support for moving carriers.

Carrier Operation Package

Carrier Operation Package by Rob Barendregt provides support for catapult and arrestor wires with great sound effects. All operated aircrafts need to be manually configured for this add-on because all functionality is managed in the aircraft panel. A "meatball" gauge is included that helps you when approaching the aircraft carrier for a landing. Catapult and arrestor wires zones are defined manually.

Misc add-ons

AI Carriers 1 by Lamont Clark adds several moving carrier battle groups at real-life strategic positions.

AI Ships Creator (r2) by Lamont Clark let you easily create carriers at user specified locations.

Boat Traffic Compiler is a program that let you have full control of the schedules of AI carriers.


Hello, in addition addon scenery FSX bgl files are not visible! I have done well as expected for the installation, some scenes work very well, so I did not understand that files for arrestor cables are not recognized ...
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i, have deluxe and acceleration but all my carriers don't have arrestor cables that work

The latest version of arrcab is once again freeware and works in FSX, for those carriers that are static and don't support launch and recovery. You just have to define your catch zones for those default carriers, or maybe someone else has already done it. Defined zones exist for many carriers that existed in FS2004. Search for arrcab at flightsim.com. -- RH, author of arrcab
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i need a good carier that will hve working catapults and cables
is possible to use the acceleration's gauges and not the rob's gauges??
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hey i need a carrier that i can land on in free flight that has working aresstor cables a a orking catuplt and ideas but i dont want a carrier that moves i want one that will stay in one spot wile i fly around so i can find easily what sit should i go to?

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just go to Airport id PHNL and fly west there a carrier there that i dont think moves and has working catupults and cables (ship is only there during free flight
just go to Airport id PHNL and fly west there is a carrier there that i dont think moves and has working catupults and cables (ship is only there during free flight
does anyone know of any free carriers that have icao codes that you can take off from directly
can enywone tell me how do you put the flightplans in the fsx?(anser on comment plz)
go on to Simvation and u will find fsx fighter craft then save it on to fsx, sim object then plane then unzip it by cut and paste hope it helps
for the Carrier Operation package do you need accelaration
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I recently begin to encounter a problem with "firing up" the F-18. While "Guardian One" is well on its way to the Cape, my F-18 is still on the deck__the engines won't turn over! Any suggestions? What's the source of this problem. I also encounter the same problem with the "high altitude" pursuit. Please reply to "Splash".
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Are there carriers in MultiPlayer mode?

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