Aircraft carrier in default scenery

Aircraft carrier in default scenery, FSX

Also see my guide to aircraft carriers in Flight Simulator.


There is at least three kind of carriers in the default scenery of FSX. I can't say for sure if they exist if you use other than the Professional version with the Acceleration pack of FSX.

USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)

The one from FS2004 (see below) is also present in FSX at the same location. The carrier is low-detailed, static, with no support for launch and recovery.

Static carriers

In FSX a new high-detailed static carrier has been placed at 5 US harbours. The carriers have no support for launch and recovery. You can distinguish these from the AI carriers by the aircrafts on the deck of the static carriers. They can be found at these locations:

AI carriers

The AI carriers are moving and follow defined schedules just like the AI aircrafts. The carriers have working Fresnel lens and lighted landing deck. Moreover they support launch and recovery if you use the aircrafts from the Acceleration pack.

There is four carrier routes in FSX, each having an ordinary and reverse schedule. You can see the schedules below and download the routes as FSX flightplans.

US east coastNaval Station NorfolkTue 07:35zNaval Station NorfolkWed 05:24zDownload
Naval Station NorfolkFri 19:35zNaval Station NorfolkSat 17:24
Hawaiian islandsPearl HarborTue 14:40zPearl HarborFri 02:56zDownload
Pearl HarborMon 02:40zPearl HarborMon 14:56z
US west coastSan Francisco BaySun 00:38zNaval Air Station North IslandSun 18:18zDownload
Naval Air Station North IslandWed 12:38zSan Francisco BayThu 06:18z
US west coastSan Francisco BayTue 02:11zNaval Station EverettWed 13:07zDownload
Naval Station EverettFri 14:11zSan Francisco BaySat 01:07z

Remember to set a high traffic desity of ships.

Remember that times are GMT and that weekdays in FS is selected in local time. E.g. on Monday 02:40 GMT at Hawaii it's still Sunday local, so Sunday is selected in FS.


There is a single aircraft carrier in the default scenery of FS2004, namely the USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63). The carrier has no navigational aids and no functionality of catapult and arrestor cables.

To reach the carrier takeoff from San Francisco Airport (KSFO) and head west. After reaching the ocean you'll be able to locate the carrier. Alternatively from KSFO fly VOR 115.80 outbound for 13.5 nm on radial 288.

The angled runway of the deck is at heading 064 while the carrier movement is at heading 074.


Does anyone know how to operate the lifts on the aircraft carrier? They operate cause they are seperated bits of graphic as you can look carefully along the side.
Heh, heh, I remember this from at least FS5
on avision.com is a simple senery of a carrier with some fun stuff realy nice
There are two carriers in FSX in Seattle. To see one of them, go to the checkride in the student pilot. On the downwind leg, it is in the water ahead of you.
I saw it on the last helicopter toural it moves and if you have enough skills you can land on it
hello all new joiner´s

make a testflight over this scenery : Naval Air Station North Island (KNZY), San Diego, California, United States

no race / no panic / enough time

do you dont see the carrier ? than you must make a setup in your fsx set the scenery to see more ships and trees and buildings on normal !
the carrier stays between KSAN and KNZY

best wishes : Val68Halla

smile ...
dont ask me how i did it but somehow i managed to get inside the hanger underneath the flight deck on the carrier at north island -- theres a truck inside but no aircraft ( i didnt use the lift)
I found one after take off from Snohomish (KPAE) as a was just clear of the runway 34 appr. 45° to the right.
The position of the carrier is N47° 59.13' W122° 13.72'. I can see so because I succeeded in landing on it :-)
its pretty cool to try to land on a carrier and take off
i know because ive done it with a f-14d
is there any carriers that have catapults or wires on fsx default scenery
aww man i was going to try and land on the carrier in fs2004 with an f-14B but i didnt realize the arrestor cables didnt work..... you can imagine how thet turned out lol
You could always slow to around 60 knots on touchdown with full flaps, autobrake set to 3 / max and armed speed brake. It probly would work. I still havn't had the chance to land on one yet. I'll tell you how it turns out when i do it.
how do you add support for steam catapults and arrestor cables?
I don't know what i'm doing wrong.. but when i start at Naval Air Station North Island (KNZY), San Diego, California, USA OR
Naval Station Norfolk (KNGU), Norfolk, Virginia, USA. i cant see any carriers.. i even tryed to slew around the site... nothing.. boats and lesure boats is at 50 % what am i doing wrong?

there is an addon for fs2002 and fs2000 that adds support for catapults and cables. just search arrcab24.zip and you may still find some copies.
what you are doing wrong is that you have boats at 100%
leisure and freight
I was able to fly through the hanger under the deck , Keep the altitude @ 45 feet in the flowerpower mission
I am a U.S. Naval pilot I have FLX I use it all the time to practice.
But really, I crashed in to the tower (I had crash off) and bounced into the runway and stopped
The two messages abouve were from ZB
I have gotten two carriers, i just searched for "carrier"

What can I do? I want to fly fighter jets in FSX but I'm not a member yet. My Mom and Dad our thinking about it but I can't wait. The add ons for FSX our so cool and they also look fun to fly. I also don't know how I can land and takeoff on a aircraft carrier. And can you drive a aircaft carrier!
try acubus pub my favorite is the Avenger it flys good and lands easy
with acceleration u can use a f/a 18 hornet and fly off the carrier with a catapult and arrester cables

skata dude

i found that abacus pub flight deck 5 is great for carrier ops because it has working arrestor cables and working catapult. it also comes with a selection of aircraft and missions. i would recomend it to anyone.
yea but u can also get a carrier at simgameit.com and u have to be it but if ur friends get it to u can all have fun on multiplayer
I already have that... already discovered this! PSHHH!
BUT!!! if you go to FS-ADDONS.COM you can get boats to control and you can get their carrier, go next to this one then... which is which??? =D

will every time i try to land on a carrier it's a static and the arrestor lines and catapult don't work a little help?
Thank you for pointing out where the 'live' carriers are in FSX. I love shooting traps in the Acceleration F-18! I bolter about every third time, but I'm getting better. Landings, are all about a good approach...
In FSX free mission.... all carriers are functionable! (launch and recovery) ,only with acceleration F18
i think flight deck 5 wil be good i've ordered it from amazon waiting for it now
the carriers dont move at the listed times :(
Hey guys, I have some advice for you with trying to land on an aircraft carrier. Go download a STOVL Harrier[one that lands at ZERO KNOTS!].
The carriers in the free add-on, aicar2r2, are excellent. You can add them while in flight from the AddOn menu, AND they are steerable. I have had loads of fun landing all sorts of aircraft on to them with no arrestor hooks - Piper Cub, Cessna, DC3 (all easy), LearJet (very difficult - need to use max flaps, all brakes and thrust reversers - and don't bottle-out, she WILL stop)!!
I have installed the Acceleration Addon to FS X deluxe, I cannot find the Carrier landing mission or the f18 Hornet, Help please
In the acceleration add on package one of the missions is labelled Carrier Tutorial (Intermediate)and the F18 is the default aircraft for these missions. Great fun.
The others are Carrier practice (Advanced) and Carrier Landing IMC (Expert)
If you select airport and set Country/region to -ANY - then enter "USS" in the airport name slot or "AC" in the airport ID slot you will find all the aircraft carriers for FSX.
I am an f18 superhornet pilot i also use the sim to practice, however i would like to have a fully functional carrier with cats and arresting cables. Is this possibe on fsx?

Hey! its really easy to land on one in a piper cub!
Where is the moving carrier in San Francisco?
I have a problem when flying on the hawaii-carrier, it's not sailing on schedule, but it is working with cables and catapult, please respond if you know something:)
is there a super speed brake addon for flightsim 2004 that I can use for carrier landins? I downloaded a f-14 with a super brake that allows me to stop on a carrier. It cuts the spead down to almost a dead stop
the carrier in san fansico is right outside the golden gate.

how do you connect on to the passenger bridge in the gate?
Ctrl + J (FSX ONLY)
The San Fransisco carrier doesnt have arrestor cables, and yet I have the Acceleration addon, can someone give me the details about a working carrier in Free flight mode?
I can't find the AI Carriers moving on the places and schedule above. I only see the Static ones.
I just fall of the end of the carrier, because there don't seem to be any arrestor cables

i have the espansion pack "acceleration" on fsx with the f/a-18a and i launched from the carrier in san fransisco bay once , but now when i see the carrier , its low detail and u cant land or takeoff from it.
there is another carrier off of Guam
wait, so in regular FSX (without Accleration) there are high-detail non-functioning static aircraft carriers? because I've seen the one outside SF, even landed on it a coupla times in an F-14D and F9F, and that carrier sucks, one grey blur
"i go in for a carrier landing at around 120Knots and land fine"
Look up a program called "3wire" for fs2004. you can land any aircraft with a tail hook on a carrier after you define the landing zones (read the manual)
Is there any carriers with arrestor cables and catapults that actually work
there are at least 2 opperational carriers in fsx accelaration one is at the golden gate bridge and the other is near honnolulu INTL this is the truth
I think it's better to have the parking brake on while i'm landing
it is extremely hard to land a f/a 18 on a carrier in fsx acceleration.
if you use stage 6 after-burner at the very end of the deck, you can take-off without take-off assistance
P.S.: The Christen Eagle is a mega-fun all around aerobatic toy, with awsome graphics. You can zoom in on the chase-plane view and read the gauges!!! Easy installation documantation included. Once you nail it, you'll have half a deck to spare landing it with no arrestors, and be able to take off from there from standstill without taxiing back. Great for full-stop touch and gos!

If you're trying it on the F-14, obviously go full-flaps; and don't forget to set autospoiler (Ctl+/)! Hit the breaks the microsecond you hit the deck. I come in at around 110 knots slightly shallow of the theroretical meatball.
P.P.S: Simviation stuff is FREE! Very decent download speed. I subscribe and get faster (unecessary) download speeds, but I've benefited and downloaded so many add-ons over the years that in all good conscience, I must. Whatever contribuites to keeping Simviation running... If you don't know that site, do yourself a favor! Do Google it though. Entering a URL has a good likelyhood of landing you somewhere else.
I have downloaded from abacuspub.com the A4 Skyhawk and S3 Viking and both land fine on the AI carriers but the only aircraft I can get the catapult system to work correctly with is the F18 from Acceleration. I'd love to hear from someone who knows of a solution.
I have followed the instructions to find the default AI carriers in fsx (with acceleration) but cannot see them (with ships and boats both turned up max). Can anyone help?
The carrier at simgameit.com make me a error r6025 C++ y fsx
I have downloaded the Flightplans above and I would like to know How to use them.What folder do you put them in,also what format should they be? I saved them as XML files.Can someone please explain what to do?
You can find an aircraft carrier easy, just set DOVER - UNITED KINGDOM as your aircraft!!! There is great fun with Harrier /Solo.
san f ai carrier is loaded its the o it has bombs on it
that's way there is no plan or boats around it
i found a working carrier,to find it you need to follow
the steps. if you have fsx just fsx go to the missions
then go to the carrier tutorial. set as default flight.then restart fsx but you need to use a fa-37 talon simviation.com/search.
are the static cariers in FSX in default sceanery? I can't find them.
with fsx-accel there is a working carrier near norfolk ns aiport. set the free flight time and day for a friday @1230. there are two carriers next to each other one is fully functional.
P.S. For free users. Limited 2 downloads at any time from your I.P. address.
The Last guy was true! I flew at that time and theres a static carrier and a AI carrier!

Does anyone know how to download the flight planners on the top of the screen? becuase I tried clicking it and the screen was just had all of theese numbers and things.It also said Encodeing.does that mean I should wait or is something wrong?
the problem is that the S3 And the A4 are bs.
Got it?

does anyone know if the carriers are still there in multiplayer?
For the Northfork NS carriers, is it 12:30 a.m. or p.m.??
i dont know how to add-on! please tell me!
just download a carrier from simviation then be the carrier and play multiplayer. it's so much fun watching your friends land on you.
to add-on:
1.go to the my computer in your start
2.go to your C: drive
3. find program files and open it
4.find and open the microsoft games folder
5.go to the flight simulator X file open it
6.go to the sim objects and open that
7.open the airplanes file in it
8. go to wherever you put the plane,boat,car etc. and drag the folder containing (MODEL,PANEL,SOUND TEXTURE, it is vital you have these components in the file) to the airplane file and release them
9.they should now work.

Further questions email me at Pilotmanfisher@gmail.com and i'll try to help.
I have fsx deluxe,acceleration pack and my traffic.
I can see and land on the carriers and I can use the cables to brake but the carrier don`t move.They just stay
at the Harbour.Why don`t they move ??
Are Carriers still availible in default scenery while playing multiplayer?? I really need to know.
EVERYONE WITH FSX ACCELARATION: all of these carrier routes listed above are working with cables and catapults, they are great fun to fly on, but you must have fsx acceleration.

hey what is the airport called at pearl harbour??????
Ford island, and simviation has a model of an f-14 that allows you to use a catapult and arrestor cables, because the files are embedded into the cfg file, so all you need to do is find a carrier and land on it with the tail hook down, and it stops you like arrestor cables should, and to take off, you put the parking brake on and hit the throttle to 100% and you take off like the catapult was working
Are Carriers still availible in default scenery while playing multiplayer?? I really need to know. ---- go to www.chocolatesoftware.com and get FSX HOST CLIENT. use it to connect to the "host" server, then fly in "FREE FLIGHT". The AI is now the other PLAYERS!!!!
how do i install the ship (flightplans)in fsx?
would a simgameit f-14 switchblade work on a carrier?
cool im gonna see these straight away lol
i have acceleration and i have set every graphic setting to max. but still i dont see any ai carriers only small boats and static carriers which have no nav or cables

if you need to know ho to land even a boeing 747 0n a carrier, heres how: When you toutch down on the carrier press Y to go into slew then press it again to go out and you will find you are dead stoped!!! (i landed a boeing pelican on one this way)=o :)

Guam carrier is really easy to find.

The Map bearings for the 5 default Carriers in FSX are as follows:-
N32* 42.84 W117*11.49 North Is SanDiego
N36* 57.62 W76* 19.76 KNGU Vi.
N47* 59.14 W122 13.73 Everett Washington
N36* 26.93 E144* 38.11 PGUM Guam
N47* 33.21 W122* 39.07 Puget Sound Washington
I took these bearings whilst actually on carrier decks
Hope this info of use

A correction to above bearings, Guam should read:-
N13* 26.93 E144* 38.11

do u have to have the acceleration pack to locate the AI Carriers ????
for the first ai carrier (KNZY) all you gotta do is take off from the airport hen look right and it will b like a harbour with the carrier there
DUDE! that is so awsome, thx, it really makes me wanna dowload more military aircraft, all i have is the yak 141 lol
how do you download the actual carrier
Can't you simulate a catapult launch by turning on and off your slew mode? I do it by accident when I'm parked at a ramp in fs2004.
I landed on the seattle carrier with the learning airplane. But since I couldn't stop I tried to take off again and stalled the machine and now I'm dead. So, if you think you are reading this post, you are just receiving a message from the dead :P

Can anyone honestly say they are able to find the carriers using this schedule? If so, give details pls...And if you are able to utilize the flight plans provided above, pls list the steps to doing so? I've dl them and tried copy/paste into an existing .PLN file which doesn't seem to work. Any success w this?
i landed on that deafult carrier out side of sanfransisco first time with a eurofighter typhoon :D droped the speed down to about t120 nots and hit the breaks and slid the aircraft sidways so it was drifting and stoped about 3 feet away from the edge lol but getting it off is a bit of a problem lol
answer to finding the carriers: yes i have found the moving carriers using the schedule. i also figured out the route between like san diego and san francisco by finding the carrier every 2 hours and writing down the coordinates. have to have acceleration, 100% boat traffic and have the correct day and time as stated above. also if you have freeware WOAI being used i noticed i lost all my ship traffic and uninstalled. if you start san diego at wed, 12:38pm you should see 2 carriers, the default and the acceleration one.
as to the plans i tried the same and couldn't get it to work.
The newest version of arrcab is once again freeware and works in FSX for those static carriers that don't support launch and recovery. You just need to define the zones. Maybe others have done so. Look for arrcab at flightsim.com. -- RH, author of arrcab
how fast do u go when up in air at cruseing alltudie

ive been at san fracisco the carrier dont move

this is f***ing sweet
There is a carrier around cape canaveral. And how do you operate the deck elevators to the lower level (which is landable) in fsx?
i whent to look at the carrier in san fracisco and i fond a nother carrier maybe 1nm from the one next to the brige and it looked old it did not have working cabels but it hade a working lower deck i fond it in fsx acc
I went to perfect flight.com and found lots of cool fsx stuff. just google it. to replie Typ in Kbond@newenergy.net
I have fsx exceleration to and i Know how to work the cat and the tail hook .Open fsx shortcut,go to settings,then go to the Key camands ,and Click on fsx camands,Then scroll till u find tackeoff assist and tilhook lower/rais,and put in your key cammands.And ther you have it
can some one tell me what time the hawaii carrier realy levas!
posted by otto
are you mad becus you dont have the real times to the carriers or maybe cant find them then go to flightsimulatorworld.com and go to scenery and download a gps carrier with full working deck and real times
ya perfect flight is a good web site but i like stuff thats FREE so for all you peaple who wunt FREE downlowds go to www.simviation.com and thay have a aircraft carrier that you can drive
Ya ,but if you go to www.perfect flight.com you can reduce the fact of virices. why is that because people can do stuff through the soft ware.
you can allso let friends borrow it and thayll pay u dack.
(true story).
which ones do i need to download, and which ones do i not need too? i have the acceleration pack, so are there more avaliable to me? please help i really want to practice before next year
you dont download the carriers you jist set the ships in setting on high and go to the spot and you shood see it by otto
can anyone tell me whare i can get a aircraft carrier that work in multiplayer??? by otto
simvaition is people sharing downloads wich is not approved.That is piracy your doing.And piracy is agianst the law.
i landed on a carrier with a twin otter. they should use it in the military cuz if it can land on SABA it sure could land on an aircraft carrier. by DYL
on simviation.com theres a f18 in the fs2004 section that also works in fsx thats spoilers are an arrester hook. It is on like the second newest page. Hope that helps
I remember the aircraft carriers quite well. That carrier in SF had to be around since possibly at least FS95. I remember the really nice carrier fleet (had support ships all around it, it was awesome) with an operable (though very shaky) elevator that was right off the southern cost of one of the Hawaiian islands. I recall that that one was the Carl Vinson (if the inside of the carrier (yes, it had a decently detailed (for FS98)) interior.
theres a fs95?
were do i get the fsx carriers?

they are in the default scenery, take off from san fransisco and fly almost all the way to the Golden Gate then head almost due west over the ocean, you should see a carrier
Ok, are you able to go into free flight and go to the routes where the live carriers are and see them or do i have to download the flight plans?

RE:simvaition is people sharing downloads wich is not approved.That is piracy your doing.And piracy is agianst the law.
You are WRONG!simviation is a great site that the makers of the planes,scenery,ect. upload THEIR files to share with the Sim world.Its called FREEWARE.DUHH!
RE:post by Bikerflyer
hey im trying to make the downloaded flight plans work in my fsx - any ideas?
Just found the carrier near seattle using the instructions above. For those with 'acceleration' but still struggling, set your takeoff airport to Snohomish Co (ID=KPAE)day to Wedensday and the GMT time to 13:10. Take off from runway 34 and fly north. The carrier is in port just to the north of the airport.
If you advance the time an hour the carrier has left port and is steaming out of the harbour. I think this makes for easier landings as the carrier is moving at 20 or 30 knots which reduces your actual approach spead to about 100 knots.
Finally, anyone practicing carrier landings might be interested in the excellent Goshawk by Dino Cattaneo at hxxp://www.simviation.com/simviation/index.php?type=item&ID=64&page=8 (change hxxp to http). This is a very well modelled US Navy training aircraft and is MUCH easier to handle at low speeds than the standard A18.
Very sorry, to correct my post above, if you want to catch the carrier as it is leaving port, set the day to Friday and the GMT time to 14:30. The carrier is in the channel just west of the airport.
wheres the carriers

once i landed on a destror

i dont give a danm!!! lv tiggert
ive landed a lot aplanes on the static and normal carriers like the fa 18, piper j3 cub, beech baron 58, beech king, even the smallest passenger jet the learjet but that was really hard, and also the p51 D and all of the helicopters includin gthe augusta westland. does anyone know if the p51 d has a hook cause the navy used it in ww2?
This is cool! you don't know how much I needed this info.
"I don't know what i'm doing wrong.. but when i start at Naval Air Station North Island (KNZY), San Diego, California, USA OR
Naval Station Norfolk (KNGU), Norfolk, Virginia, USA. i cant see any carriers.. i even tryed to slew around the site... nothing.. boats and lesure boats is at 50 % what am i doing wrong?"

I think you might be over shoting the approach in slew mode,or you just are not going the right way.
put all boats to 100% i had the same problem and it fixed it
are there any in england

this is sweet.i landed on the carier with a exstra300s.
i cant find the static cariers in fsx ples help
do you mean AI cariers
On the Default Carriers in FSX, not the static ones, but the ones with the Launch able decks etc, do they ever move, or do they just sit there
you ca lanch a cub in the leinth of the catapult but cant lanch a f/a-18 in the lenth ofthe carrier.why?
Few people will probably see this, but there is another working, moving carrier that circles around Diego Garcia Navy in the Indian Ocean. There is also a second set of ships that supports full carrier ops but don't move. These are both found about 100 nm from the island that Diego Garcia Navy is at.
if u collect pc pilotyou might be able to make an aircraft carrier
where does the carrier next to gth golen gate bridge go and what date and time does it arrive? plz help
can u move the lifts on the static carrier off san fransisco bay coz they look seperate from the rest of the carrier
is there a moving carrier with a solid hanger?
if there is anyone who desperatly cant find a moving carrier then go to the golden gate bridge and set the date to the 7th december 2009 and exactly 18:00(6:00PM and you will see the carrier turning around about to set off for shronomish and it arrives at about roughly 30 hours later
(snohomish) my bad
how do u down load from herewhen ido i get a page of wierd stuff in burgandy and black and blue

i have fsx with acceleration, i set all kind of boats to 100%, i went to the golden gate at 7 december 2009 at 6.00 pm (both local and GMT time) and i see no AI carrier!!
can somebody please help me?
try setting all scenery to full

How can i move / create new ai carriers in a location i want?
How can i move/create new aI carriers in a location i want?
To make a carrier that moves it takes hours of work and you have to know what your doing. If you dont want one that moves and have sdk downloaded then go to the manul and look at the Traffic Toolbox to find out how to put carrier in that dont move.
i have put an aicarrier where i want using SDK Traffic Explorer, but it doesnt stay the next time a load FSX, is there a more permament way of adding carriers, maybe into the scenary files?
how do you make it work or add it to fsx
will fsx planes work with fs2004?????????????????????????????????
Will fsx planes work with fs2004?
I looked in to it and found this
" You can't put any FSX planes into FS9 since they are developed using different Software Developer's Kits to produce the model(s)." I hope it helps.
Which of those carriers listed way above have a working catapault, the norfolk one sucks.
please? anybody have a clue where I might find a fully operable carrier?
Norfolk, Vriginia: Friday @ 12:31 Local Time
Traffic 100% everything but road veichles.
Slew around the airport, you'll see two carriers.
One carrier has Jets& helicopters DONT land on that one.
The plain one with the glinting texture of a catapault, that is the one to use! (Acceleration-FSX Only)
-tell me if this helped : )
hey thanx so much bryce that helped a lot!
OMG Bryce that rocks the catapaults all work and cables do too! it notifis u that catapults ready 4 launch!!
Your all welcome, enjoy it, unfourtunately the carrier doesnt face the waters...
Have you found other ones Bryce?
Hang on I just got home from school, I'll have results by 5:10pm
Honolulu, Hawaii: Sunday Summer @ 12:20 Local Time
Traffic 100% everything but road veichles.
Slew around the Airport, you'll see the one carrier
It doesnt have any planes/helicopters on it.
FULLY OPERATIONAL (Acceleration Only)
-tell me if this helped you : )
whoa thanx sooooooo much bryce! : )
I found something that you can show off for your online friends.
First, go to options and go down and select controls.
Select the tab called 'buttons/keys' (all events)
Scroll all the way to the bottom and find ''wings fold/unfold'' click it so it highlights, then press the button called new assignment. Assign it to be the command Ctrl+Shift+W.
Now your F/A 18's wings fold up! :)
PS- dont try to fly with them folded- you stall
jeez its been like 10 minutes you rock Bryce!
f/a 18's wings fold up also from the virtual cockpit.
I Highly Reccomend Downloading the STEALTH Talon for FSX using Simviation.com
After downloading it, unzip it, place the folder inside the FSX SimObjects Aircraft folder. Easy as that.
I guarentee no fee and no Viruses.
Its the perfect aircraft to fly- includes tailhook, the flaps are incredible and the airbrakes rock!
Best for Carrier use although it was only seen in a movie.
Thank you for that comment although some beginners hate being inside the cockpit, its true.
why the hell do people call it a Cock Pit?
How do you git baggages on your plan

to get the baggage on your plane press shift+E+2
how do you get to be towed

I,ve gotten an F-14 from FSX Acceleration from FS-FREEWARE.net. ALl you have to do is to download the FSX f-14 package. Don't worry, It's FREE! The other goodd theing is that you have a tiny barline on top. if you click on the 3rd one down, the tailhook will come down and you can land on a Static aircraft carrier and stop on Deck! To takeoff, taxi to a runway on the Carrier, Add full flaps, put the parking brake on and add full throttle. Then before you know it, you are takingoff from the Catapult, not your own power.
u know teh uss kitty hawk the hanger is solid and it looks like the lifts r seperate from the rest of the deck and i was wondering if and how u can get them 2 go up and down (i hope u can help)-George
omg i luv seting off on the carriers at night time coz it makes me think im actualy on 1 setting off on a holliday! (i know it sounds crazy)-george
I've found 1 working carrier and thats at Norfolf, the rest don't support the cables and catapults.
Hey its me again, I havent been on FSX in awhile. I play COD4 & 5 on PS3 all the time.
-Gamertag is deadlysilenceil
I have tried all of the times shown above to find the carrier in pearl harbor, but still cannot find it. I also have graphics, scenery, and traffic set to full. What am I doing wrong?
do you have ships set to full?
r the carriers there online?
Is there a carrier in FSX DELUXE edition??????
There are carriers in FSX Deluxe, Regular, and Acceleration. However, only the Acceleration Carriers have launch/recover ability. For the carrier in Norfolk (static?) simply turn slightly right after taking off. Use a chopper or VTOL if you dont have acceleration.
i love fsx carrier landings
A little tip: Go full speed if the carrier has cables.. the cables WILL catch you trust me.. And besides thats what real pilots do
how do you eject with accel fa 18
for pearl harbor go to thursday 16:00-17:00 local time and the carrier is outside pearl and heading in. found it at 17:00 and back in time every 2 hours and plotted the course. basically does a circuit around the hawaiian islands except the big isle.
I havent found any of the carriers at all except kitty hawk i have 100% boats plz help i have deluxe email me on heya.4000@gmail.com
for hawai carrier set the right timetable head south east [main runway] and you'l find it

to see carriers you need fsx acceleration
i agree with otto
How do you use the lift on the carriers?

you cant use the lift on the carriers and i dont know why every one thinks you can.
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You da man otto
I'm a US Air Force O-2 (1st lt, to all you idiots out there) and love my F/A-18 Super Hornet. I'm a great fan of FSX and just found out there were carriers on it. Thanks guys! Wasn't there a comment on searching USS for airports... I'll try it.
Happy you enjoy it so much if you need anything feel free to ask.
thanks for the inf

thanks for the info

I've "ridden" the carrier out of Norfolk (Tues 0735z) all the way to KILM (bearing 336, 22nm) where it turns around and heads back to Norfolk. It's fun to fly off and on the carrier and visit the various NAS and MCAS along the way and also use the chopper to ferry troops and materiel. It's easy to rendezvous with the carrier using the following rough coordinates and times: N35-7,W75-21 1311z carrier turns from hdg 194 to 244 which it maintains until 1818z at N33-56,W77-26 when it turns to hdg 300 and continues to the turnaround at KILM. Speed is constant 25kts. In order to rendezvous, be sure the specific day is used - Tues. Also, once you've landed on the moving carrier, set parking brakes or you'll go overboard when it turns.
I recently purchased FSX "Gold Edition". I have not been able to position the F-18 over the "red and white" box so that I can extend the Launch Bar and attach to the catapult. I can't make a "connection". Any suggestions? Also, where are the "brakes"? I'm always at "overspeed". Plus, I'm always at the wrong altitude (too high).
Did you do the tutorial? FSX walks you through the steps leading up to the launch. If you mean by "brake" the air brake, it's the same as extend spoilers ("/"). Even before you're ready to turn for final, you should lower the landing gear and the tailhook, toggle the airbrake, and extend flaps; then, you can adjust your speed using the throttle. I use the basic hud rather than the more complicated and less legible hud. If the little ball with wings is even with the bar between the upper 5 and the lower 5, your angle of attack should be level. Use the throttle to control descent. Just practice flying without landing and try to hold altitude. Keep trying; the fun is worth it but check out the tutorials. Good luck!
I tryed that carrier takeoff with my F14 by holding parking,full flaps, max power it still hits the end of the flight deck as it does with the cat.
where the hell is the aircraft carrier!!!!!!!!!!
i screwed an aircraft carrier... its name... your mom.
I recently submitted questions ref FSX "Gold Edition" regarding "brakes", "altitude", and "connecting to catapult". I appreciate the reply from someone out there. Your info is very helpful. What do you mean by your use of "the basic hud rather than the more complicated and less legible hud"? I assume you are referring to the "display" with speed/altitude. I have difficulty seeing the info even when I bring it in closer via "+". You seem to have another option? For the time being, I go by the moniker "Splash"! Thanks again!
Thanks for the Carriers' Schedule. Yesterday was trying to land on the one returning to Pearl Harbor in the middle of gulf delta. Found that landing F18 on static Carriers required slower approach (almost stalling) than on moving deck may be if I try it on low fuel in the tank it will be easier. Goshawk T-45 from addon is much easier to control on slow speed and land on Carriers. Now about the HUD F9 button is virtual cockpit where you can zoom in/out, F10 Close-up on HUD (Head-Up Display) data. Faster switch than +/- buttons.
Is anyone completed Carrier Practice with 5 arrested landings in a row? I can make only 3 for now. Wind is gasping affecting final approach. Fingle landing and no instrument landing were easier. Also my version of Acceleration required a repair installation after regular installation to make all new Catapult related features work and I'm flying using "Acceleration" disk not FSX.
I have completed Carrier Practice with 5 arrested landings in a row, it takes alot of time to get it and I did hit the deck hard most of the times keep working on it and you will get it sooner or later ☺
forgot to put my name above -otto
how do u get arrestor cables

Ive got a challenge for everybody,
Take a heli (the smaller the easier) and land INSIDE the hangar of an aircraft carrier. It is possible. If u've done it, post below.
i did it and it was with a boeing chinook
how do you land inside
I can only find static carriers but I CAN "stop" on them by hitting Y for slew mode the second I hit re carrier, and it stops you. The only AI carriers I CAN find are the ones in the heli tutorial #1 and the other AC missions. Oh and I'm the guy who gave that tip on searching USS- worked for me. I'll go by Jake
Oh and a. Challenge(only for those with Acceleration)- try doing a Heli landing with the Augusta Westland chopper---without rolling and using brakes to stop---on an AI (moving) carrier. I've seen guys do it in MH-53E Sea Dragon helix, which are basically built and fly the same as the Augusta Westland EH-101. It is one of the WORLDS HARDEST LANDINGS in real life.
- Jake, USS George Washington (CVN 73)

From norfolk NS you turn right than you can see aircraft carriers. there are 2, one static another with arrestor cable and catapult. The AI one goes toward virginia beach. that's where i practice my landings with both F14D and F-18 with the Acceleration pack. And I saw that someone said he went in the carrier's hangar. how can he do it?
i dont know why people r using the acceleration Carriers when theres a highly detailed carrier on simviation thats been there for a while and with AICarriers2 u can control it yourself! (www.simviation.com/simviation/index.php?type=item&ID=69&page=6)
-Jake, USS George Washington (CVN 73)
Ok for everyone who dosent know. The carriers constantly move.. At 7:00 it might be at blah blah blah airport in the bay but in 1 hour it could be 30 miles down the coast line. The schedules are up at the top of the page

is there anyway to eject on fsx
Are there any F-35B freeware downloads out there?
-Jake, USS George Washington (CVN-73
Bassholes who hate old fashioned flight-skip this. But on freeware, get a WWI (World War One) plane off anywhere and search Old Rhinebeck in Rhinebeck, NY, USA. It's all dirt.
-Jake, USS George Washington (CVN-73)
How do i download the flightplan? (or put it into fsx)
Seriously guys what's the best Carieer jet out there (I already have the stealth talon, don't mention that one)
Jake, USS George Washington
When taking off in the turtle from Coonabarrabran(CBGB), look out the sheister keister to see a bundle of mermaids flogging the hell out of their quacks. This will only work with muffin density over 80%.
Also, is anybody really reading this?
FLIGHT SIM NATION HAS A DRIVABLE CARRIER AND IT IS FREE! Can be found by following these steps:
1. www.simviation.com/simviation
2. Click under fsx, "misc."
3. Scroll down to find prev. page
4. Do this until you find the carrier.
It has a user controlled cats and ramps, THE ELEVATOR THAT YOU ALL WHINE ABOUT IS WORKING, and has an anchor and a big-ass radar screen, and all of the VC works. Very rare to find freeware like that. Damn that was long.
Jake, USS George Washington
A game where you can build stuff, and fly planes! Its called ROBLOX.com
read all, but no DIRECT reply- are these CVA's useable in Multi Play!

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